Bedrock Kids Prize Shop

Read about the prize cart and view the challenges for this week here!

How Does This Work?

Each week, there will be a set of challenges posted on the wall of the kid's room. The kids can focus on a couple of the challenges or attempt them all, whatever you/they have time for! When the challenges are completed, the kids will earn "Bedrock Bucks" to go towards a prize. We have smaller prizes like sticky hands or bouncy balls, medium prizes like play-doh and slime, and large prizes like Squishmallows!

This summer, we are talking about the 5 Truths, as stated on our kid's page. The goals work on what comes with that, such as the workbook that is sent home with the kids.

For a while, our kids who are in second grade and older are going to focus on knowing how to navigate the bible, so the challenges will be around memorizing books of the bible (5 at a time) and looking up specific verses using the table of contents.

For our kinder and first graders, we want to focus on a couple of areas. Firstly is prayer, I have been putting "pray for our group" on the objectives board, and want them to practice this skill at home too! Second is we also want them to be able to list off the books of the bible and know what order they come in.

Below, we have the challenges that they are working on!

May the odds be forever in your favor! Good luck!